We are always actively looking for new LifeLines.

If you'd like to share your own Lifeline please submit it in a Word doc form.  You can add photos and/or video.  Please send photos in a jpeg file;  jpegs are easy to work with and the photo usually comes out nice and clear.  We will do some minor editing, such as grammar, if necessary before posting, however, we will not change content.  While not necessary, we ask that you include an email address at the end of your LifeLine so that you may be contacted by those who want to reach out to you.  You may want to create a separate email in gmail, hotmail or yahoo so that it is not part of your personal email.  And of course you'll want to check it often so you can respond to those who are moved by your LifeLine.

Anything sent to us automatically becomes the property of LifeLines and by sending your story to us you give approval for your story to be posted on a public website.

Everyone has a story to tell and every story is important.  So share your story, or encourage someone you know to share theirs.  Please submit all information to