My Vision

What if there was someone who had already walked through an experience you are just beginning and you could reach out to them for support and encouragement? What if you wanted to start your own business and wanted to communicate with someone who had successfully done so? What if you wanted to lead a more sustainable lifestyle but didn't know where to start? What if there was a global community of people helping each other?
I started this website for two reasons. First, I want to share people’s stories, their lifelines, as an encouragement to others who may find themselves traveling the same road. And secondly, through these stories, I envision a global community of people helping each other for the greater good. 
I know this: as a planet, we cannot continue with artificial borders that divide us. Regardless of where we live, we all face similar challenges. We all have the same basic needs. Rather than isolate ourselves by family, by neighborhoods, by cities, by states, or by countries, what if we could establish an online community where we could reach out for an interchange of encouragement and a sharing of knowledge.